Iron bar stock is heated yellow-hot in a coal forge, shaped with hammer and anvil, then finished with beeswax and linseed oil. My pieces are made with the same techniques used by blacksmiths for hundreds of years, giving them the look and feel of the originals. Besides colonial pieces, I also do custom architectural ironwork, door hardware, knives, and axes.

Axes & Hatchets

I specialize in making all kinds of tomahawks, belt axes, carpenter hatchets, and broad axes. Each one is hand forged, hardened and tempered for it’s specific use.









Woodworking Tools

As a formally trained furniture maker, I have a deep appreciation for fine woodworking tools. I build a variety of belt axes, hewing hatchets, and bowl adzes. Axes are forged from 1018 mild steel or wrought iron, with a spring steel bit properly hardened and tempered for a lifetime of productive service. Adzes are forged from high carbon steel bar stock.

Contact me about other tools including felling axes, drawknives, inshaves, firmer chisels, mortice chisels, gouges, marking knives, froes, bark spuds, and more.





Colonial Lighting

From rush lights, to grease lamps, to chandeliers, I can supply your camp, cabin, or castle with the appropriate lighting fixtures.


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Most of the knives I make are frontier style working knives, made using the time honored techniques of the past, and built for everyday use. I also make Bowies, kitchen knives, and specialty carving blades.

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Damascus Steel

One of the most beautiful and sought after blade steels of all time, Damascus, or pattern welded steel, is created by hammer-welding alternating layers of two or more different types of steel together into a single bar.This belt axe is a random pattern, 80 layers of 1095 high carbon steel and L-6 tool steel. Curly maple handle.